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Part NumberDescriptionUsed onMaterial
5000AIRRK1Replacement roller ball5000AIR air interlock valve
5000AIRK2Plunger button extension and sleeve kit5000AI, 5000AIS & 5000AIST air interlock valve
5000AIHDSKPiston and seal kit5000AIHD air interlock valve
5006AIRHDSKPiston and seal kit 5006AIRHD
5000AIHDRK1Replacement 1" plunger assembly5000AIHD air interlock valve
5000AISKPiston, end plug, spring, O-ring, rod wiper5000AI & 5000AIST air interlock valves
5000STHDReplacement 1-1/2" plunger assembly5000AIHD heavy duty air interlock valve
5000AIRK1Plunger end, nut5000AI air interlock valve
5000AISK1Seal kit containing O-rings and wiper5000AI and 5000AIV air interlock valves
5000AIHKReplacement mounting bolts and lock washers5000AIR, 5000AIHD, 5000AIV, 5000AI, 5000AIS, 5000AIST air interlock valves
5006AIHDSKPiston and seal kit 5006AIHD & 5006AIVHD
5000AIHDSK1Seal kit containing O-rings and wiper5000AIHD heavy duty air interlock valve
5006AIHDSK1Seal kit containing O-rings and wiper5006AIHD heavy duty 6-port air interlock valve
5000STreplacement 1-1/2" plunger button and nut5000AIST air interlock valvesAluminum