Ferrule and die/crimp recommendations on this site are only a guide and may not apply to every coupling application. In some instances, alternative dies or crimp diameters must be employed.

The recommendations on this site are to be used with Dixon couplings only. Failure to use Dixon components and proper coupling techniques may result in product failure, serious injury, invalidation of the specified working pressure or failure of the finished assembly to perform as intended.

The recommendations on this site are for swaging or crimping Dixon couplings to hose with a rubber cover or with most hose tube materials. Crimp dimensions apply to standard length stems and ferrules only. For alternative coupling recommendations or attachment methods for hoses having an unconventional tube or liner (PTFE, Urethane, etc.,) or for rubber hose having a very thin wall contact Dixon's Engineering Staff at 800.355.1991 or send an email to engineering@dixonvalve.com.

Hoses react differently during the swaging or crimping process because there are variances in hose constructions. Some variables include textile braid vs. wire braid, hardwall vs. softwall, presence or lack of helical wire as well as differences in types of hose covers and tubes. These variables vary from one hose manufacturer to the next, as a result, we recommend maintaining accurate records for each crimp or swage coupling application.

Situations to Avoid:

  • Do not use the couplings and ferrules on steam hose or in steam applications.
  • For elevated temperatures contact Dixon and the hose manufacturer.
  • Use only ferrules and sleeves that are designed to be used with a particular stem.

The percent reductions on this site are theoretical calculations based on Dixon parts only and on all components at nominal dimensions. Standard manufacturing tolerances will result in actual percent reductions that deviate from this number.

Every length of hose, after assembly, should be tested. Testing should be done in accordance with the Rubber Manufacturers Association specifications.

All crimp dimensions listed have a tolerance of +/- 0.010 unless otherwise noted.

Contact us with any questions concerning coupling, die selection or crimp dimensions for hose ID/OD combinations not listed on this site. Call 800.355.1991 or send an email to engineering@dixonvalve.com.

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